Wild Justice

Wild Justice, a merger of Fantasy and Western, book one of the Frontiersman



A gripping story of blood, revenge, love and fighting for what you believe is right even if it isn’t your fight…
The civil war is over and the rebellion lost. Cheveyo the half-breed rebel is travelling to the frontier to start a new life with only two pure-bred horses and dreams of a ranch. But after happening on to the remains of a murdered family. He decides to give them the justice his family never got.
Using his skills and training to track down the killers and dispense justice he discovers these killers are just a few of the renegades working for the man they call “Big Red”. Crossing “Big Red” could cost him his life. It will take all of his skills to remain alive and a man of principle in the hellish frontier.

Book One of Frontiersman
A gritty fusion of fantasy and western the Frontiersman series has as its setting the immense plains, rugged tablelands, and dizzying mountain ranges bordering three nations all striving to gain control. The Frontiersman is a story of one man’s struggle to carve out a new life for himself in a land of brutal weather, savage people and fantastic beings. Follow the half-breed Cheveyo as he fights back against the savage climate and the even more savage inhabitants of the frontier.

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