How did I write the story – George.

You can read the story in it’s entirety. This was a story which I wrote for critique at the London Writers Workshop.  The London Writers Workshop is run by David Wingrove the author of the Chung Kuo science fiction series. If you like science fiction I highly recommend it! In addition to teaching you how […]


Upcoming Books – Coming Soon

Soon to be released are: Anthology 101 – A collection of short stories. I’ve written a number of free stories over the years, which I’ve generally release for free either on my website or on smashwords. After I wrote the last one I decided to gather up all the stories and to add a couple […]

Daily Writing Targets

The common accepted wisdom for writers is you must write every day. While I try and stick to this rule as much as possible it does beg the question; What if you have nothing to write? Here are a number of strategies you can use to ensure that you have something to write, but you […]

Fine Tuning Dictation with Android and Dragon

OK, I promise to stop going on about my Android phone and Dragon. I’ve had some phenomenal success lately getting dictation from my android to a PC running dragon speaking (See previous post) but it had a lot of mistakes and was far from perfect. So I thought I’d post one last time about this […]

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