Troubleshooting a bad wireless signal

Looks like you’re new? You may want to subscribe to my RSS feed, or sign up for News and Announcements. Thanks for visiting!I work with computers. I’ve been programming, installing, managing computers for about 25 years now, and this week I saw something very odd. A wireless connection which was configured 100% correct, but still […]

Free Fantasy Story – The List

  The List   “Move out of the way, I’m going to block the door.” Adderand said. He pushed the heavy stone door shut with his shoulder and removed his backpack. He pulled out a large iron stake and a hammer. Hammering the stake into the crack between the door and the doorframe hoping it […]

Giving Away Books For Review

Today I have given away 17 books in exchange for reviews on I know that a lot of authors don’t like giving away their books but I don’t mind giving out books in exchange for reviews because I love to get feedback. So I wanted to write this quick post to let people know […]

Software for writers and authors

If you are an author, or creative writer then there is some excellent software available for writers nowadays.  In this post I want to cover some of the ones I use and give a brief description of them. I’ve categorised them into two categories. Either free and open sourced, or commercial software you pay for. […]

Free or Open source software to install first!

Software to install on a new machine. I’ve spent over 20 years in Information Technology, as a programmer, IT Manager, and other roles. Seems like every other week I’m fixing or installing stuff on computers, for relatives, friends, or at work. Sometimes I forget to install some really cool bit of open source or free […]

How did I write the story – George.

You can read the story in it’s entirety. This was a story which I wrote for critique at the London Writers Workshop.  The London Writers Workshop is run by David Wingrove the author of the Chung Kuo science fiction series. If you like science fiction I highly recommend it! In addition to teaching you how […]

George – Free Science Fiction Story

George   George Murphy glided along the dingy corridors of space station Alpha. He moved along in the lighter than Earth’s gravity of the space station with a confident spacer slide, past the portals looking out over the placid blue Earth. The breathtaking view had long since ceased to interest George, but today he stopped […]

Moon Trek – How did I come up with the idea for this story?

You can read the story in entirety by clicking the link. How did I come up with this story? The root of this story came from an exercise in a book which I was reading on creative writing. The exercise was a very generic one and I decided to write a story in the science […]

Moon Trek – The Misadventures of Alexis Calderon-Bigglesworth III

    I stepped slowly out of the auto cab with my arms full. The doorman at the Luna Savoy looked at me oddly as I approached the door; I suspect he caught a whiff of the vomit on my shirt.   I ignored him with disdain, if it is possible to both disdain someone […]


Upcoming Books – Coming Soon

Soon to be released are: Anthology 101 – A collection of short stories. I’ve written a number of free stories over the years, which I’ve generally release for free either on my website or on smashwords. After I wrote the last one I decided to gather up all the stories and to add a couple […]

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